AVT234 Software Engine


Low false alarms and a high detection rate are promised by many, but solutions powered by the AVT234© deliver, in all outdoor and indoor conditions including snow, rain, lightning, foliage, and low-light conditions.

The AVT234© Software Engine is at the core of the PLE/Axial product line. Designed by computer scientists in a Linux environment and commercialized to provide extremely accurate outdoor video security that is easy to setup and use, AVT234© VMD delivers up to 99% accurate detection of real alarms and very low false alarms in all weather conditions. AVT234© starts detecting immediately upon startup, and requires no camera calibration or recalibration after moving fixed cameras.

AVT234© alerts pop up automatically upon alert, enabling operators to detect, assess, and respond immediately to unwanted intrusions while monitoring many camera views.

The Horizon Line proprietary AVT234© feature provides range and target track estimates to control detection sensitivity for the entire camera range and field-of-view without needing external Laser Range Finder or GPS inputs.

The AVT234© VMD Server can be easily integrated with existing infrastructure and equipment, including many brands of cameras, VMS systems, saving customers with existing infrastructure time and money.

The AVT234-SE version is tested as fully compliant with NIST 800-53 Cybersecurity Risk Management standards for use on restricted-access networks, and access to the system requires PIV/CAC card and/or fingerprint identification.

The AVT234 A-GAS Damage Prevention add-on is available for protection of underground gas and oil pipeline right-of-ways and construction sites from third party damage.

The AVT234© is available on multiple hardware platforms: a VMD Server (RMU), a Mobile Video Trailer, and a complete Deployable Kit, and are customizable for specific applications. The Reconisense line for military use is Certified PL-1N, meets SEIWG-IDC-0101B standards, is available for purchase on the AEL, and has ITAR Commodity Jurisdiction (is exportable). The EventGuard line, for utility and commercial applications, meets NERC/CIP 006-5 Physical and 006-3 Cybersecurity requirements.

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Highlighted Features
    • Starts detecting less than 2 seconds after start up
    • Immediate Visual Response and Assessment - live video, or emailed image
    • Easy setup and integration into existing security systems
    • Extremely low false alarms in rain, snow, sand, sun glints, low lighting, foliage, lightning
    • Accurate detection on multiple objects, split-merge and occluded threats
    • Detects across the entire camera field-of-view with no zoning out required
    • Unattended: Automatic alarms can be sent via email, serial, relay, and XML
    • Certified PL 1-4 Intrusion Detection System (Air Force AEL)
    • Uses SEIWG-ICD-0101B VMD for XML Exchange
    • Remote access available over network via VNC or SSH
    • Works with all brands and of fixed, PTZ, thermal, IR, Near IR, long-range and wide-area cameras
    • No preconfiguration or pre-populated databases needed to start detecting
    • No camera calibration required
    • Up to 99% probability of detection with extremely low NAR/FAR
    • The Horizon Line proprietary AVT234© feature provides alert range and target track estimates
    • Triggers PTZ zoom-in automatically on alarm
    • Integrates with multiple annunciator display and NVR systems
    • AVT234-SE version is fully compliant with NIST 800-53 Cybersecurity Risk Management standards
    • Meets NERC/CIP 006-5 Physical and 006-3 Cybersecurity audit requirements
    • All EventGuard products include the A-Gas Damage Prevention Module for protection of pipelines and right-of-ways
    • Can work with handheld or man pack tactical radios
    • Reconisense line has ITAR Commodity Jurisdiction / exportable
AVT234© Screenshots

Horizon Line feature provides alert range and location estimates

AVT234 Integrated with Milestone VMS

AVT234 Field Integration Tests

AVT234 Integrated with Falcon View

Long range camera in heavy fog

Red line shows AVT234 Tracking feature

A-GAS Damage Prevention Module ignores traffic but alerts on digging

Catches Occluded Intruder

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