For Protection of Critical Military Assets

Securing critical military infrastructure and personnel 24 hours a day in all weather needs more than watchtowers and cameras reporting to Security Forces personnel on CCDE systems. The Reconisense Video Motion Detection (VMD) Server, a USAF Certified VMD unattended outdoor video surveillance sensor for PL1 through PL4 resources, is an intelligent upgrade for current installations of security monitoring and reporting systems where an unattended video detection function with very low false alarms will integrate easily and complement existing surveillance technology.

A mature, focused, and field-tested VMD technology, the AVT234 VMD Server aids the dispatch function by giving single or multiple operators at CCDE workstations the ability to rely on accurate alerts and confidently assess alarm information to decide if and whom to dispatch to the alert area.

For cybersecurity, the Reconisense VMD Server is available with AVT234-SE multi-factor authentication for logging in where a smart card (CAC, PIV) or fingerprint reader is used in place of passwords to gain access to the system and network.

The Reconisense VMD Server can be purchased for a new install or integrated with existing security systems and can integrate with analog or IP cameras, and has passed multiple USAF tests resulting in certification for PL1 through PL4 resources. The AVT234 is on the Air Force Approved Equipment List (AEL) and can be found under IDS as "PL&E Communications, AVT243 (VMD)".

The AVT234© is on the Air Force Approved Equipment List (AEL), under Non-Nuclear Intrusion Detection System (IDS), listed as "PL&E Communications, AVT243 (VMD)". Certification, and inclusion on the APL, is an important designation for companies that understand its significance, and means the AVT234© underwent stringent military testing against a standard IBDSS criteria, proving PLE is the place to go to purchase trusted open source video detection solutions that are integratable with existing systems and provide extremely accurate protection of critical perimeters.

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Features of the AVT234© Video Motion Detection Products for Perimeter Protection:

  • Starts detecting less than 2 seconds after start up
  • Immediate Visual Response and Assesment - live video, or emailed image
  • Easy setup and integration into existing security systems
  • Extremely low false alarms in rain, snow, sand, sunglints, low lighting, foliage, lightning
  • Accurate detection on multiple objects, split-merge and occluded threats
  • Detects across the entire camera field-of-view with no zoning out required
  • Unattended: Automatic alarms can be sent via email, serial, relay, and XML
  • Certified PL 1-4 Intrusion Detection System (Air Force AEL)
  • Uses SEIWG-ICD-0101B VMD for XML Exchange
  • Remote access available over network via VNC or SSH
  • Works with all brands and of fixed, PTZ, thermal, IR, Near IR, long-range and wide-area cameras
  • No preconfiguration or pre-populated databases to start detecting
  • No camera calibration required
  • Up to 99% probability of detection with extremely low NAR/FAR
  • The Horizon Line proprietary AVT234© feature provides alert range and target track estimates
  • Triggers PTZ zoom-in automatically on alarm
  • Integrates with multiple annunciator display and NVR systems
  • AVT234-SE version is fully compliant with NIST 800-53 Cybersecurity Risk Management standards
  • Meets NERC/CIP 006-5 Physical and 006-3 Cybersecurity audit requirements
  • All EventGuard products include the A-Gas Damage Prevention Module for protection of pipelines and right-of-ways
  • Can work with handheld or man pack tactical radios
  • Reconisense line has ITAR Commodity Jurisdiction / exportable

AVT234 catches and follows multiple intruders in the scene

AVT234 alerting and tracking in heavy fog

AVT234-SE Reconisense VMD Server meets NIST cybersecurity standards and
is only accessible with an PIV/CAC Card or fingerprint reader


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